FCS Named as “Design for Learning” Grant Finalist

On Monday, educational design consulting company PlusUs announced that Friends’ Central School was one of four finalists for their inaugural Desing for Learning Grant. The grant provides six months of the East Falls-based company’s time to design a solution to a project pertaining to instruction, strategy, communications, teacher training or physical learning environments.

Currently, the maker culture is concentrated and centralized in the makerspace. What this grant hopes to achieve is to grow a more distributed maker-culture at FCS by transforming unused or underutilized spaces into Makernooks—mini makerspaces designed to provide tools, materials, and space for teachers and students to engage with making outside of the main makerspace.

The Makernooks will help cultivate a decentralized maker culture that is not bound by the walls of the physical makerspace. This, ultimately, is the goal of maker education: not to merely offer occasional exposure to tools and materials, but to empower students to take an active role in their educational experience.



We are honored to be selected among a diverse pool of compelling applications and look forward to an opportunity to working with PlusUs to further our mission and demonstrate the positive impact design can have on learning.


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